When your online chronic illness friends just get it

I have some really amazing friends in real life, don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of love and support coming from both my friends and family who have been quite patient with me as I navigate this uncharted life of chronic illness. However, the one good thing that comes with being sick (perhaps the only good thing about it actually) is all of the amazing people I have connected with online, both in the support groups on Facebook and here on my blog page.

Seriously, I’ve been so lucky to have the opportunity to talk to some of the strongest people imaginable… that have fought for everything in their life. I’ve heard stories from other patients that were anywhere from awe-inspiring and uplifting to ones that tore me apart with sadness, but I am grateful for them all because I find a piece of myself in each and every one of them.

Still, the other night I was again reminded how important my online friends are for me in learning to cope with the life I’ve been handed. I know my friends and family try to understand what I am going through, and for the most part, they do get it as much as they can, but as the saying goes “no one really gets it until you get it.”


For instance, I was actually feeling a little lonely the other night and was in a lot of pain from trying to eat earlier that day. While I can’t say that the following two conversations I’m about to share actually made the pain go away, they did, however, lift up my spirits and reminded me that there are so many people out there that just understand how silly, crazy, and ironic the “sick life” really can be – and humor goes a long way these days.


After discussing the possibility of going back to work if I can ever get myself better, the first conversation went as follows…

Conversation #1 

Me: I don’t have one to quit currently so…

J: Well then you have nothing to lose

Me: Exactly. Or maybe I’ll join the circus. My options are wide open at this point lol


J: You could become a wrestler

J: The Undiagnosed Warrior!!

Me: I’m too short I think lol but I did belong to backyard wrestling in my heyday

J: That’s where most of the pros start

J: Your finishing move could be the Nutcracker lol

Me: Oh my God! Yes. I’m going to make a promo video asap

J: Lol I can’t wait to see it!

Me: That’s too funny

J: You could be like “Don’t make me go May-Thurner on your ass!” Lol

Me: That’s why it would be so funny!
Me: It world be a good awareness project maybe
J: Exactly
Me: Not sure how long of a career I’d have
Me: I’ll just do one cameo
Me: Then a horror film based off of the Nutcracker ballet
J: Then after you get everything fixed you can be The Ultimate Diagnosed Warrior.
J: I‘m telling you this could make you famous lol

Conversation #2 

(You may have seen the comments on my previous post)

E: I’m so glad you got that radiologist to look at your scans!!!!!! Take your husband with you and that fantastic image printed out in an 8×10 to put on the last page of the radiologist report as an “oops how’d that get there?”😉 just kidding, but it’s fun to think about those things sometimes!
I’m sorry your doctor’s abuse you so badly, but now hopefully you can get the help you need.
Love and gentle hugs!!

Me: Thank you. And actually, a poster size print out is not a bad idea. Maybe I’ll make a presentation image by image to prove my diagnosis lol


E: Print it on the back of a tee, it’ll be a great “mic drop” effect as you leave her office!😛
Walking into a Dr office with one of those tri-fold poster board things would be so funny, or a flip chart. Totally retro. Just to make sure you don’t lose them with this crazy new thing called technology since they obviously don’t know how it works (hence missing the blatantly obvious scan results). I’m dying! Just “listen here doc, I flipping told you so, and this appointment that I paid you for is going to be me proving it” LOL!


Me: Oh my God! I can’t breathe. That would be epic, right? I’m pretty sure they sell flip charts at Office Depot, no? Ohhh, I can even bring in those fancy smelly markers from back in pre-k and draw pictures. Maybe even a Lazer pointer? Okay… The Lazer pointer may be too much… but still.


E: They definitely still sell flip charts and scented markers!!!! Do it! The laser pointer may be a little over kill unless the office is massive, but the rest is perfect! If she’s gonna be such a jerk and waste your time and money like she did you should totally do SOMETHING hahaha😛
OMG I’m dying. Man. If you even make it just as an art therapy thing, even without actually taking it, I totally want photos!!!! Priceless


Me: Haha maybe that’ll be my art project for my week off of school 😀

At the end of the day, having someone who’s been there and really gets it is necessary when you have a chronic illness. Sometimes it’s the little things, even something as simple as funny or silly conversations, that make even the difficult times much more bearable and a heck of a lot less lonely. Plus, if other people “don’t get it” or they think you’re just being weird, you can always both blame it on the meds, right?


4 thoughts on “When your online chronic illness friends just get it

  1. Susan Vanderhoog (@SusanVanderhoog) says:

    I love this! I have been sick for 4 years now, it is going up and down. Sometimes I can’t leave my bed, sometimes I go out the whole day. It makes it even harder to understand for other people because it changes everyday.
    I love your blog because it makes me feel less alone in this. Much love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Undiagnosed Warrior says:

      Awww thank you. You’re definitely not alone. There are tons of support groups on Facebook and you can really make some good friends going through the same things.

      The body is pretty amazing in how it can change moment to moment even. But just because you have moments where you feel good doesn’t mean that you’re illness is not real.


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