5 thoughts on “Watch “The Woman Who Can’t Eat: Rare Medical Condition Causes Involuntary Starvation” on YouTube

  1. Kara says:

    It’s amazing what the human body can endure. This is an awful disorder, and it was on my differential prior to my IBD due to a CT showing slight compression on the SMA. I did quite a bit of reading about this condition several years back, and once people lose that kind of weight, it makes the compression/symptoms worse due to a lack of vital visceral fat. It really is sad that there are so many diseases that have no good ways to be treated, if there are any treatments at all.

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  2. Elizabeth B. says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’m crying, because this is devastating. I hope that surgery helps her. You can tell how much her family and good friend love her though, and that she is lucky to have that support in her life. Is this one of your compression symptoms? I know you’ve been showing a lot of support for it, but I can’t remember (I did do a quick search through your blog, but I might be missing something).

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    • Undiagnosed Warrior says:

      I have it listed as a diagnosis but it’s one the doctors debate. I have the angle and the symptoms, but no obstruction. However, there’s others out there like me that can get some food and drinks down at a time that don’t vomit constantly and are able to maintain a steady weight. Right now, this is the compression they won’t treat which is why I’m not sure about surgery.


      • Elizabeth B. says:

        I’m really sorry you’re dealing with this. I can kind of see the doc’s hesitation since the “discovery health” video made it seem like it was so incredibly risky to perform the surgery. But at the same time, I feel like it could be more risky to leave it alone and then require have to do the surgery at a later date. Are they even willing to consider it?


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