It’s finally starting to feel like summer.

Since it was a holiday and all,

I decided to take the weekend off from everything.

No School.

No Work.

No Blogging.

No Medical Records.

No Appointment Scheduling.

No Paperwork.

No Medical Research.


It was glorious and much-needed, to say the least.


I caught up on some sleep and relaxation.

I was able to do some reading for pleasure.

Got organized and ready for school.

Caught up on laundry and {some} cleaning.

Watched TV and movies for the first time in forever it seems.

We fostered a Doberman rescue. He arrived in Colorado on Friday evening,

so spent a lot of time getting him cleaned up and comfortable.

He’s such a sweet boy and only some minor issues with adjustment.

Hoping to get him fattened up and ready for a fur-ever home soon.


Other than that, the 4th of July was uneventful this year.

We usually plan a lot for the 4th, but with being sick, it wasn’t realistic this year.

The roomies and a couple of friends barbecued.

I was, of course, too sick to eat any of it. It smelled delicious, though.

I did, however, buy a fire pit

and sat by the fire while watching the fireworks off of our back deck.


I figured that since I can’t go camping this summer,

this is the closest I’ll  probably get to a campfire this year.

Camping last year, even without the severity of my symptoms, was a nightmare.

I couldn’t make it through the night. It was too cold, despite it being August.

My bones stiffened up. I couldn’t breath. I felt like I was dying. 

 My husband had to drive me down the mountain, on dark and narrow roads, in the middle of the night.

I am sad to be missing out on summer, my favorite time of year.

I miss swimming. tanning. camping. hiking. vacationing. sunshine.

I waited all year for this, through all the snow and the cold,

only to become photosensitive and have increasing symptoms

that keep me locked inside the house as much as physically possible. 

Doctors orders.

Even though it’s not the same, by making adjustments, I know that I can still find some  resemblance of summer.

Whether I need to set up a kiddie pool under a canopy,

set up the tent in the backyard,

or roast smores in the fire pit,

I refuse to let this illness take more from me than it already has.


So now that my “break” is over, it’s time to get back to reality.

New class starts tomorrow.

Need to follow-up (again) about the last round of testing.

Call in prescription refills and do my weekly medication organization.

I need to schedule appointments.

Work on medical records and disability paperwork.

I have a consult with cardiology and a follow-up with neurology this week.

Plus therapy.

My to-do list keeps getting longer.

That’s the hardest part of taking a few days for myself,

I feel behind on my day-to-day management of my illness.

But at least I am mentally and physically rested.

And I have a giant Doberman who needs as much love and care as I do now.

Plus there’s always my menagerie of lovable animals to keep me company, as well.

Nothing is better medicine or therapy than the love and comfort of animals anyway.

I just need to remember to rest when I need it

and try to enjoy life despite my illness.

At least every once in a while.


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