Be Strong, Believe…

Today was a good day.

I felt sick last night.

So sick, that in fact I wasn’t able to sleep for more than a few minutes.

That’s because I ate food

(chicken noodle soup)

so I would have energy today.

To go back to work.

The stress about going back probably didn’t help.

I was tired and scared.

But I went anyway.

My co-workers and friend were excited to see me.

So was my new manager and team.

Everyone visited me during their breaks and sat on my desk.

Everyone said I looked good today.

Granted, I had a lot of make-up on to cover up the lack of sleep,

the lack of nutrition, and the illness that shows my face worn.

But it was nice to be missed.

I felt nauseated and sick ALL day.

I had bad cramping, a good amount of bleeding.

My legs and feet hurt because I haven’t walked that much in weeks. 

Months really.

It was cold out.

My joints hurt. My rashes were prevalent.

My mind was moving slow and there is so much new that I have missed

while I was gone.

But I made it.

I didn’t die. I’m still alive.

It’s still going to be an adjustment.

But today was a good day.

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